Friday, November 27, 2015


Now that I'm in college again, the idea came to me how hard it is to shop for a teacher. Most of the time they are overlooked by their students but I thought it would be awesome to gift them something this year. I didn't want to get them something super generic (ya know... like an apple.) but I wanted to get them something they could use. So again, I took to Hallmark to help me out.

In my last Hallmark haul, I shared a mug. You guys know I love my mugs. I've said before how I feel like a mug is a great gift for anyone. This time I picked up this adorable mug that's red with little reindeer on it. I love this mug so much and thought it would be the perfect gift for my teacher. I wanted to throw in some hot chocolate, but you are free to add whatever you want. (You can even make your own to give!). This mug is adorable. (and you can get 20% off now until Nov. 30 click here for more info)

The next item is something I also love...hand soap. I feel like hand soap is a great gift that can easily be used by anyone. Often times I've been given hand soap as a gift and I love it.. so I picked up this Crafters & Co. hand soap from Hallmark. This whole line has THE CUTEST PACKAGING (check for yourself). They have a variety of items to grab from this line, so it's perfect for anyone really.

and lastly, I got a card. Cards are so important to a lot of people this time of year. The cards at Hallmark are adorable and I figured this card specifically would be great because it's very versatile without being too much, you know? Hallmark has a great selection of cards (& they're currently on sale!)

Even though these items are simple, it will show you care. I wanted to gift something that wasn't too personal (who really knows their professors on a personal level?) but still showed I appreciated their hard work. You can totally customize this for your teacher and what you think they may like. Hallmark has a large variety of things that would fit any person in your life. They're having a Cyber sale until Nov. 30 where you can save 20% on any hurry over and save!

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