Friday, March 6, 2015


Hey guys! So Colourpop launched blushes and you know I had to get my hands on that. I ordered them as soon as they went on sale (7am!!). It took FOREVER (okay- two weeks) for them to get here and I was honestly getting super sassy because other people who ordered after me were getting their blushes before mine had even shipped out. Anyways, they are with me now and that's what matters most- so today I'm sharing some swatches of the ones I got

I only picked up five of the colors and I ended up getting rid of Pegacorn because it just was too much for me. If you guys want to see an update on these guys- let me know... and let me know if you've picked up any of these. I love Colourpop and they are so affordable.

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  1. I think Prenup is the one that I like the most - I think it would work the best on my skin tone. Thanks for swatching them and the helpful review!

  2. I love prenup a whole lot. I ended up getting rid of Pegacorn bc it was like BAM! haha

  3. between the sheets is awesum shade!


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