Thursday, December 25, 2014


Merry Christmas guys. I wasn't going to put this video up because for some reason- it's SO blurry and I don't know why but I am in the process of changing up my filming set up and I'm working through kinks. If you know why it's being all weird- let me know.

ANYWAYS. Today's video is a review over two of the items I unboxed in my FROSYVOXBOX From Influenster.

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  1. Hmm... I'm wondering if maybe the lights behind you are messing with the focus!

  2. I wonder. I tried being all cute and stuff- shows me. haha. I think it's because my lens was focused on a spot behind me and I didn't realize it until I uploaded. I'll just have to be extra careful next time!

  3. So great to know! I struggle to find a makeup remover that I actually like. What is the remover like as far as textures go? I've found that some leave an oily residue on my face that's annoying.

  4. I hate the oily feeling- the mary kay one I use now is oily. This one feels like water to me- no weird residue after. Thanks for asking- totally forgot to even add that!


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