Friday, December 12, 2014


Today I'm giving ya'll what you asked for- a review + swatch video of my NEW Lime Crime Velvetines + Unicorn Lipsticks! I know a lot of you asked me to do this and I wanted to get it up as soon as possible.

Let me know what you guys think of these lipsticks?

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  1. hay girl, what makeup groups are you part of? I need some to join! I am only a part of nail polish groups somehow haha....SOMEDAY I'll own some velvetines haha. If you hate Pansy on you and decide to sell it in a blog sale at some point.......let a sista know. Hahaha. Like i already said I LOVE cashmere on you! I wonder how chinchilla would look over the center of your lips with cashmere all over. I don't know if that would even work since they are different consistencies lol .... also I have been pretty on the edge about purchasing from them because of tne controversy. Because of that (and the price being out of my budget), I think I would only buy them from a blog sale or something like that!

  2. I can email you some links- because I'm not sure I can add you. I am in a few. so I will email them once I finish this comment.

    I tried pansy yesterday and i was kind of nervous about it- but I'm going to try it on another day when I'm feeling a bit more...adventurous. I don't know if I LOVE it though.

    I feel like there is always something happening with them. Like just when I posted this- I guess the CEO made racist remarks (I don't know what was said just heard from others it was not good!) but I've got what I wanted from them so haha! <3

  3. ooh yes please do! :)

    I'm sure it looks great on you!!

    There IS always something. I didn't hear about that, I'll have to look into it! I have a hard time wanting to support her :/

  4. I still adore your hair so much. Seriously. It makes me happy. :) Thanks for all the helpful info about the staying power that these have. :)

  5. Thank you so much dear!! That is so sweet of you! <3 and you're welcome. Thank you for watching


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