Monday, November 10, 2014

Weekly wishes 027 + a Giveaway


    1. Destash + sell makeup / I sold the majority of my makeup but I still have a ton of Benefit items left. Let me know if you're interested in another blog sale.
    2. Edit photos + plan future shoots / Thankfully, I've been keeping ahead on my editing time.
    3. Tackle a new posting schedule /This is still a work in progress. Still not in my apt so I don't feel I can do much until then.

        1. Film / I have started slacking again on filming. I wish I were home so I had more things to work with. but I do plan on getting some videos done this week.
        2. Plan Giveaway / I am almost to 500 YouTube subscribers + 3000 instagram followers. A lot of my social media sites are hitting milestones + I want to celebrate with a giveaway. I already have a few items I want to giveaway but I'm still thinking of more. I'm also looking for BLOGGERS to join in on a PAYPAL CASH giveaway. PLEASE email me for info (

        a Rafflecopter giveaway


        1. I'm really looking forward to your videos. :)

        2. Thank you! I finally got a move back in date today for my apartment so I'm super excited about that! hopefully I'll be a little more on schedule there!

        3. I hope so! Looking forward to it!

        4. I follow all of the Instagram accounts as @angevege.


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