Monday, October 13, 2014

weekly wishes / 026

I have been a crappy person lately. I have left this space go mostly untouched. I don't know if you guys get the same way but since I'm out of my element (not in my apartment), I feel uninspired and with little desire to blog. I am in a rut and have no idea what to even post about but I'm trying. I just want to put things out into this space that I love and am proud of and right now, I don't feel proud of most of my ideas.

  1.  Work on monthly giveaway / It's been so long since I updated these, I am already working on Octobers giveaway. What do you all want to see?
  2.  Drink more water / I've been much better about this!
  3. Organize / Yeah, my apartment is a wreck. I'm hoping to be back in it soon- until then.

  1. Destash + sell makeup / I am currently having a BLOG SALE for things I no longer need / want and I would love to see it all go. Please check this post for more info
  2. Edit photos + plan future shoots / I have had the awesome chance to work on some photos lately (ones I will be sharing here soon) and I'm super glad I'm getting back into photography
  3. Tackle a new posting schedule / I need to get some ideas for future posts planned and start cranking out posts for you guys again!
Have you entered my anti-aging giveaway? What about the Too Faced giveaway? You should totally check both out + enter to win!

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