Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Love Dare | Day 14: Love takes Delight

I am so thankful that Tausha has put together this and allowed me to be a part of the #bloggerlovedare. I felt a little out of place because I am not married and most of the bloggers who have participated are. One thing I've realized is that it doesn't matter rather or not I'm married, the Love Dare can be applied to any relationship you are apart of. If you aren't sure what The Love Dare is, check into it!

Today is day 14 and it's my day to share.

The dare for today is to put off something you would normally do so you can spend some time with your spouse. While Dustin and I are currently not able to see each other as much as we are used to (my apartment is being remodeled and he's working a lot) so our time together is extra special now. Whenever I started thinking of what I was going to write for today, I instantly thought of a great example.

Since my apartment is being fixed, I'm staying with my sister who lives about 20 minutes away. I have Dustin take me by my apartment so I can grab whatever I may need and we have also been watching Netflix in the mess of it all. He took me over there one night and I wanted to go through my makeup so I could destash for more goodies and he was excited about watching Netflix with me. I spent about 20 minutes going through my makeup whenever he said something to me about how he wanted me to just spend some time with him. It kind of hit me then. I hadn't got to spend a lot of time with Dustin and I was being selfish in the fact that I wanted to do things that I wanted. Of course, I ended up putting my makeup down and spent the rest of the time with him.

The smallest of things can make a huge difference and that's what the Love Dare really shows. Taking the time to just cuddle him on the couch and watch Netflix meant a lot to me.

What are you thinking about giving up to spend some time with your spouse?

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  1. That's cool that you were able to complete this love dare. It so true it does not have to be a big thing. My siblings and I schedules are so different that we have to on purpose make time to hang out, sometimes putting aside something we want to do in order to spend time. I never regret taking away from time doing my own thing to spend time with my siblings. I am so blessed to have them so close by. Will you be sharing some pictures of the remodeling you are doing to your apartment once it is finished?

  2. That's a great idea- The remodel is being done just to my bathroom / bedroom but I do want to do an apt tour at some point once things get a little more put together!


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