Monday, May 12, 2014

weekly wishes / 013

I am so glad that Baja Blast is now in stores. Finally got my hands on some of the bottles + a 12 pack and I am so happy about that.

  1. Read up on Blog stuff / I've done some reading online but I feel I can always learn more.
  2. Figure Out My Domain / FINALLY got in touch with a human at Google and she's calling me tomorrow.
  3. Plan Giveaway for Urban Decay / Still hoping for a few more bloggers but I will end up getting back to the other bloggers BY friday. So let me know if you're in.

  1. Go To Ulta/ Order Products Online/ Running low on my favorite facial wipes + foundation. I'm also going to be purchasing some new skin care products that were highly recommended to me.
  2. BUY NEW SHOES / I am in need of a new wardrobe, really. Most of the things I wear are leggings, boots and cardigans and it's way too hot already for me to be chilling in a cardigan all summer long. I need to purchase new shoes because all the shoes I had don't fit me anymore. My feet swell really bad and so I need something that will help cover that and stay on while I transfer.
  3. Film / I have two reviews I want to film for you this week. I also want to get another review up on the blog for you. Lots of cool things coming, promise.

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