Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Apps That Earn Your Money / Rewards

A long time ago, I created a post about easy ways to make money online and it became one of my most viewed posts. I decided since I have been trying out some new apps, I could share with you guys some apps that earn you rewards for doing simple tasks.

Swagbucks /
I mentioned Swagbucks in my previous post. Earning points is simple, you can answer surveys, do daily polls, watch videos, play games, etc. You can even use SwagBucks when you shop online + you get points when you purchase stuff. I haven't used it to buy online but I think you get one swagbuck per dollar you spend. Also, you can follow them on Twitter or Facebook for codes + trivia posts that earn you more points. If you're interested, click here and sign up!

Scantopia / 
Scantopia is probably the easiest app to use- All you have to do is scan things. Each scan will get you coins and randomly you were get coins + cash value for the scans. The cool thing about Scantopia is that you don't have to scan certain items, you can literally can anything you want! Each day there are "Daily Super Scans" which are only worth cash (the highest being worth .25, lowest being worth .5) AND if you use the code P9-R94-93 and you will get bonus coins when you scan your first two items

Receipt Hog /
Another easy app to use! All you have to do is take pictures of your receipts. The only receipts that will work are grocery.  If you give me your email address, I can send an invite where you can get more spins when you sign up through my invite.

Viggle / 
Viggle is an entertainment app. It's also pretty easy to use if you just remember to check in. Whenever you're watching a show or listening to music, check in. You get 25 points per new song you check in and I think a point per minute of TV show you watch. If you want to join, send me your email address ( is mine if you want to just email me) and I can get you a code that will give you 200 points just for signing in + 1,000 points on your first check in.

What other apps do you use? Have you ever tried these apps? Which was your favorite?

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  1. Wow! I haven't heard of any of these! I am thinking of using ibotta app! Everyone is talking about it, and it's mainly for walmart shoppers & that's where we do all our shopping pretty much!

  2. my mom uses ibotta but she doesn't shop at wal mart much.. I know ibotta is difficult for some because you have to buy certain items.

  3. I've tried some of these, but ultimately I get really tired of all the spam and the weird requirements. :-\

  4. What ones did you have issues with? I mostly use Viggle + Scantopia. Those seem to have the most freedome. Shopkick and Checkpoints are two I also have downloaded but I don't like those nearly as much.

  5. Viggle wasn't too bad, but Swagbucks made my head hurt! lol, props to anyone who can persevere and get an amazon gift card, but I just couldn't do it!

  6. Yeah- Swagbucks is difficult but I've had it for like a year and i was trying to save up enough for the 25$ to PayPal but now I think I'm just buying a lot of smaller gift cards haha.

  7. My Mother and I used Checkpoints religiously for like a 1 1/2 years. We go to the grocery store a minimum of once a week, and that's were the big points rack in. We made it a little competition game between us. I still have my account, yet don't use it. Last time I remember using it, I just surpassed 50K points. lol. I was addicted for a while! I'm going to try out Scantopia!

    Jordan @


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