Wednesday, April 2, 2014

weekly wishes / 010

  1. Start therapy / I have some good news about therapy- and I will share about the soon. I love therapy and I really like my trainers
  2. EXPLORE / We got out and saw of lot of neat places and I'm excited to see more of Austin.
  3. Find a designer for my blog /  didn't happen.
  1. Organize my computer files / My laptop is so full of old files and I need to get rid of a lot of things.
  2. Schedule Posts / and talk about Texas so far. I'm really excited to share all the details with you all, I've just been so busy and not at my computer. Tell me what you want to hear more about and I'll see what I can schedule. 
  3. Work on a new design / This will probably get pushed back but I really would like to get a new design up for spring

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  1. I finally sat down and organized my computer last week. I felt so much better after haha, especially considering the state my downloads folder was in before I cleaned it out. Ouch.

  2. Just curious, why did you want to find a designer for your blog? I think you do a pretty good job on it yourself!

  3. Thank you. Designing for myself is so hard because I'm always going to pick apart every single details of things I do. I have an idea and I may start working with it because the people I have contacted cannot do it or do not reply to my emails. I also just feel really busy right now and don't want to commit to something I can't give me all to

  4. Yeah- my download file is the worst but so was my actual desktop. I have SO many files of crap I didn't need anymore. I feel a lot better.

  5. They can't do it as in don't have the time or literally don't know how??

  6. time. I don't even want a complex design- just something with different colors.


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