Wednesday, April 30, 2014

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You know that thing where I sit online and search my favorite stores for apartment things? Well, I'm doing it again. I've been on this kick where all I want to do is organize my apartment. I already bought some things for my small little bathroom and now I'm slowly starting to work on other rooms in my apartment. Having your own place is super awesome but I hate spending so much money. Here's a few things I've been eyeing lately for my little apartment.

apartment wishlist 2

What are you currently loving for your little space? Share some of your inspirations below!

p.s. don't worry, I'll eventually share my space with you but right now it just isn't anywhere close to where I want to be. I'm not able to just purchase all the things I want at once, so little by little I am making it my own and when I'm comfortable with everything, I will share.

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  1. I've been pining over that ice cream cone planter for months now. It went down to $10 on sale the other day so I snagged it. So excited to add it to my plant collection!

  2. I KNOW! and I want it so bad but I don't really have the extra 10$ right now.. boo adult life.

  3. Love that Lampersand! Clever, haha! I have yet to put any furniture in the living room - it's just floor.... lol taking my time as well. :)

  4. Hi Sabrina! I just found you through Brittney's post, and I'm excited to follow your blog along:) That little ice cream vase is adorable. Hope you have a great weekend!


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