Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Weekly Wishes / 008

  1. Write my penpal back / I finally sent my letter in the mail! 
  2. Catch up design clients / I am now working only with one client..
  3. Plan Posts for when I'm in Texas / I have wrote a few posts and talked to a few bloggers but I would like to better plan this out.
  1. Pack for Texas / Holy crap- I leave for Texas this week and I cannot even tell you how excited I am! I probably won't end up packing until tonight though.
  2. Clean my apartment / I've been sick the last few days (uck!) and because of that- my house is a mess and I really want to make it clean before I head out.
  3. Work on posts / I feel I've really slacked on posts and keeping up with my sponsors- so I want to work on getting these fixed.
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