Thursday, March 13, 2014

365 Project: Days 51- 61

I have totally slacked on keeping on with this and it's far too much to try and catch up with in one post so I will eventually get there. Here's some photos for a few weeks back

 051 / Found these babies at Goodwill and I am in love.

 052 / I had a wonderful day with these ladies. We volunteered at a children's home and I was able to do their makeup!

053 / Sephora! I've been doing so much makeup shopping lately.

 054 / I had a craft night and these were my products. I basically suck at everything

 055 / Gregory is the cutest.

 056 / I am in love with old cameras and I can't wait to get my hands on some more!

057 / Babysitting my Oli!

058 / Mornings in my apartment look like this.

 059 / I honestly love my bed. I will lay in bed for hours just on my phone, cuddled up. It's so nice.

060 / Going out and I'm wearing my wonderful scarf from Fireweed. You really should check them out.. I'll have a full post soon!

061 / This melts my heart. My sister and my beautiful niece napping.

I will post the rest of the photos to catch up next week.

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  1. Haha. I need to go there and spend all the money I don't have. I've been watching so many hauls lately so I can live through other people ha

  2. My parents have those coffee, tea, and sugar jars. They also have a flour one. :-)

  3. I swear, I was trying to explain this to my mom the other day, but I think I'm addicted to my bed. I love just laying there, talking to a friend, watching tv, or just staring at my ceiling. It's so relaxing and I can't explain why!

  4. I think those crafts were so good! I am not a crafty person, but for me doing the creative thing makes me feel better - even if I hate the result, haha! Also, Gregory is the cutest :) I have a kitten too and she can brighten any day for me.


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