Monday, February 17, 2014

Weekly Wishes / 004

Happy Monday! Sorry this is coming out a little later than normal.

  1. Reach for my film cameras more often. / I honestly can't say this happened as often as I would have liked..
  2. Have a kick butt Valentines Day. / I had a wonderful night.. and not to mention I looked pretty freakin' fabulous with my new makeup / scarf.
  3. Cook an actual adult meal. / I didn't go all out but I did cook more than hot pockets and frozen chicken tenders for dinner.
  4. Teach Gregory has to use a scratch post. / Negative. BUT I did get him to stop chewing on things by buying him a new toy + some medicine from the vet.
  5. Sell at least 50 shirts this week. / As of Monday, Feb. 17, I've sold a little over 40 shirts and I've raised nearly $1000!!! I added the option to donate extra if they wanted and someone donated me $500! I am so thankful for everyone who has bought a shirt and/or donated to me.  If you want to order a shirt, you can click HERE.

  1. Reach for my film camera more / Yup. I'm going to check this one off sooner or later.
  2. Finish the blog design I'm working on / I've been insanely busy lately + I am working on a blog design for a friend and I feel awful it's taking me so long. I get internet at my house tomorrow, so hopefully more things will get done.
  3. Reach 500 page views a day / I want to really work on bringing more traffic to this blog and so I would like to reach 500 page views a day.
  4. Stop listening to Timber by Pitbull + Ke$ha on repeat / Yeah- this probably won't happen. This song is so catchy.

Last week, I encouraged you to say one positive thing about yourself each day. I would like to know if any of you did this and how it changed your day / week.

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  1. These sound like awesome goals!!! I'm totally on board with the "cooking adult meals" - I keep meaning to do crockpot meals but can never get my butt in gear enough. Good luck!

  2. Wow! How cool about the donation, and the shirt sales! That is awesome!

  3. Love your goals! Also, Timber is SOOO addictive. I really don't want to like it so much but I really love me some Pitbull! :)

  4. I think it's Ke$ha for me.. I can't stop listening!

  5. Thanks so much! I am so beyond blessed. I cried for two days about it. God is too good to me.

  6. GIRL. the crockpot is something I want to use too. I know it's like you can just throw stuff in there + boom. let it cook all day and you've got a wonderful meal.

  7. Great goals for the week. I love the new t-shirt design!


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