Monday, February 10, 2014

Weekly Wishes / 003

I love doing these weekly wishes because I actually seem to get stuff done. 

  1.  Get all the blog kinks worked out. / I'm still working on possibly hiring a designer to update the look- but right now I'm more than happy with how everything looks and feels.
  2. Write more written posts / I would say that I did pretty okay with writing..
  3. Share my January favorites. / I wanted to do a video BUT I wrote a written post instead and you can find that HERE.
  1. Reach for my film cameras more often. / I have started unpacking and I found I have TWO working film cameras that I want to start using more. I posted on my personal Facebook about how I'm looking for any old film cameras I could get my hands on + thankfully, my uncle will be hooking me up. My 365 project has been ALL on my iPhone and I'm ready for that to change.
  2. Have a kick butt Valentines Day. / I made some really neat plans the other night for Valentine's Day and I want to make the most of it.
  3. Cook an actual adult meal. / I'm terrible about heating up some hot pocket or chicken fingers and calling that dinner. I eat WAYY too much frozen food and junk and I really want to attempt to cook a REAL meal. If you've ever shared a recipe on your blog or wanna send me your favorite recipes via Pinterest, let me know.
  4. Teach Gregory has to use a scratch post. / I really need to work on this one. Gregory has been chewing and clawing on everything (I'm going to get him to the vet to see why he's chewing- I think he's nervous about being in a new place) and I want to train him to scratch the scratch post instead of my couch.
  5. Sell at least 50 shirts this week. / I started a new fundraiser to help me attend Project Walk in March. I lack about $1000 to make this trip happen, so I am doing another fundraiser by selling shirts. I would like to sell at least 50 shirts this week and that means we would be halfway to our goal of 100. If you want to order a shirt, you can click HERE.
 I want to encourage you all to say ONE positive thing about yourself each day this week. Write it down, put it on your mirror or just take mental note. I sometimes try to do this if I'm feeling down about myself. Don't focus on your outward appearance, remember to talk about what you love about your personality and I want to know how it made you feel in NEXT weeks Weekly Wishes post.

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  1. Good luck with these goals! 1 & 3 are ongoing projects for me, too. Cooking often seems so time consuming when it really just takes a little forethought (easier said than done!) so I'm always working on planning a bit better. Would love to hear about what you end up cooking and seeing the film photos you take!

  2. I just always feel silly cooking big meals for just me. I'm not really a big eater so If I prepare an actual meal, I feel a lot goes to waste because I suck at remembering I have leftovers. AND I can't wait to learn more about film. I love the look of it and I've seen a lot of neat stuff being done with film, I just always feel like I'm going to mess up.

  3. Yeah, I totally get that. I love making a batch of something in the slow cooker and freezing it, because it lasts for a while and makes great lunches and dinners later on. Leftovers have become my motivation for finally getting my act together and cooking! As for film, usually my favorite images are the technically imperfect ones. You really can't go wrong!

  4. I'm definitely with you on needing to go for my cameras more often. My goal was to take a photo a day but I'm not doing very well so far. Good luck on all your goals this week!

  5. You should start today! I am actually keeping up with my 365 project and It's a lot of fun.

  6. Is your scratching post tall? A big reason that cats scratch is so they can streeeetch out. They usually scratch on walls and furniture because they can reach high and get a good stretch in. Therefore, a scratching post that's truly appealing to a cat is generally at minimum, several inches taller than they are while standing on their hind legs. If your scratching post is only a foot or so tall (like most of them that you find at Wal-Mart etc) your kitty won't have a whole lot of interest in it. Sisal rope and cat nip also help make scratching posts more appealing, carpeted ones are confusing, especially if the carpet is similar to what's on your floor!
    Hope that helps! :)

  7. Great goals!! I love making meals, but usually feel too busy to do so...I think I'll whip one up tomorrow!

  8. That's a good point. Thank you. The one I have is small but it hangs on a doorknob to my room (which is where he always ends up staying) I will look into possible getting a bigger/taller one for him. Thank you!


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