Saturday, February 22, 2014

Modcloth Wedding Guide

February is the month of love and it's estimated that SIX MILLION couples got engaged on Valentine's Day.. that's pretty crazy and kind of makes me feel a bit jealous. I can't wait to be a bride.. and because of these two statements I decided I'd put together some of my favorites from Modcloth's unique wedding styles.

I am totally in love with EVERYTHING about this. The color of the dress is so perfect and I can't get over that bag. I never have been a heel wearing kind of girl but the perk of being in a wheelchair is... I don't have to walk so I can wear heels if I please and it be okay. (I never do wear heels though.)

I won't lie- I styled this outfit around the necklace.. I just LOVE it. The dress is my second favorite part of this. I have really been drawn to lace lately and I just think the dress is so simple and wonderful

A few other things I really love but didn't pair with outfits..

Intricately Exquisite Tights from ModCloth - totally NEED these!
Courtship to Courthouse Dress - I love how simple this is.. but so perfect.
Winsome Waves Necklace - This isn't something I normally would go for but I love it for some reason
 Let me know what your favorites are and don't forget to check out the ModCloth wedding style book for other cute ideas!
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  1. Six MILLION!? That's crazy! I love that lace dress, too.

  2. These would make the perfect vintage wedding theme styles! Love the choices!

  3. I love look 2. That dress is amazing.

  4. .. that's what Modcloth said in their email. CRAZY. and I love it too!


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