Thursday, January 30, 2014

Gipsy Dharma / Hand Crafted Clothes + Leather Boots

I'm all about showing off handmade goodies and recently I found out how this awesome little website called Gipsy Dharma. Gipsy Dharma has loads of cute handcrafted clothes + leather boots. I've done some looking around on the site and I really love their boots.. unfortunately because I'm on a fixed income, I will have to wait to purchase a pair for myself.


The cool thing about this boots is that they are made to feel like a second skin so you can dance the night away + never feel tried. Most of the time I've seen lots of comfortable shoes that are not very fashionable but these shoes are super adorable. I really love THESE purple ones and THESE black ones. The purple is such a bright and beautiful color and I love how well these are crafted. The black ones would go well with just about anything I wear. I'm also in need of some brown boots + THESE are the perfect color.

The only thing I think I find I don't like is the price. I don't even feel it's THAT high. (Leather boots sell for much more typically and these are handcrafted.) If I had the extra income, I would be so about purchasing a pair of these pretty little things. If you're in the market for a pair of cute boots or just want to support a maker, please give Gipsy Dharma a look over- you're going to fall in love.

*I was not paid to say these things. Gipsy Dharma purchased ad space on my blog + along with that comes a write up but I was free to write what I truly felt.

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