Sunday, January 5, 2014

Favorites and Empties | Dec. 2013

I had someone message me last month and ask if I could share my favorites + empties of the month and the best way for me to do so is in a video. I wish I wasn't so awkward in videos and I could spend more time making better videos but here's a quick (ha. it's 11 minutes) video of my empties + favorites of Dec. 2013. Enjoy and let me know what you've been lovin' below.

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  1. I think it was me who asked you to do this?! I have to try those wipes. I was going to get them a few weeks ago but I was worried about how well they take off my make up. I have always used Neutrogena wipes but last time I got the Target brand of them and they SUCK at taking make up off. Like they're not wet enough if that makes sense. I also have to try that mascara out because I love love love volume but I hate when it is so hard to take off. I had having to scrub my eyes, I just know it's creating wrinkles! I have both of those NYX blushes and pinched is my favorite & I wear it most of the time! I also like Rose Garden. I just picked up Healthy Sexy Hair from an Ulta sale and I have a love hate relationship with it. It is sulfate free and I'm not used to shampoo not lathering up... it feels weird. I can also tell it's not cleaning my hair as well. HOWEVER, my hair feels healthier. But since it has that soy stuff.. OMG I am getting so much dandruff from it. I won't be repurchasing. The condition on the other hand is AMAZING. The smell is sooo good and I can tell it does amazing things to my hair. I think I am gonna do one of these videos since I have a video camera now :D

  2. you aren't awkward at all! You are so cute & sweet :)

  3. I think it was you now that you say that! You must try them, they're my favoritesss. I have to scrub to get my lashgasm off but everything else comes off super easy for me. I feel like overall, the wipes are wet enough but i usually use two at a time if I wore a lot of makeup that day. The mascara is wonderful. I'm going to try gifted next I think, it's the wooden tube. but I liked this one as well. and i really like pinched. its a great color for me. I have always loved every Sexy Hair product I've used.. and you should start a YT. it would be loads of fun.


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