Thursday, December 5, 2013

// Dressed Up + Casual: Affordable Clothing

I've been kind of Pinterest obsessed again. I get in these random spurts where I love it and then I'm totally over it. Lately, I've been looking up a lot of fashion inspiration and falling in love with all the cute things people put together.. so I took to Polyvore and created a few cute outfits using two new pieces of clothing I received from SammyDress

SammyDress has tons of affordable and cute clothing on their website. I was contacted and asked to do a review of some of their products and I probably spent about a good hour and a half looking for products. They have so much to pick from and such great prices.

I picked out this super cute coffee colored dress. I am love with the color of this dress and thought it would be a PERFECT item to dress up or just wear on any day. The dress comes in a ONE size fits all deal and as for me, I have curves so I was a little worried about it fitting. The only problem fitting wise is that my boobs are way too big for this dress. There is a wire that is supposed to go UNDER the boob, but it doesn't fit mine. Other than that, the dress is perfect. So far, the quality seems to great for 10$. It doesn't feel cheap to me.

- A black cardigan.
-Leggings. (because I hate my white legs hehe)
- Black/brown boots.
-a cute small belt.
- a brown or coffee colored purse.

This dress only costs 10$ and you can view it here.


The next item I ordered was a really cute hoodie plaid shirt. I have been looking for some new plaid because I only had one plaid shirt here + I wanted it to fit baggy. This shirt isn't as baggy as I wanted but I ordered a size Large and it fits me well. Again, the quality here was nice. I honestly don't think you can beat it for 8$ but it was a little on the thin side.

- a white tank top
- ripped jeans.
-a grey infinity scarf (I've literally been DYING over the one pictured from H&M but it sold out + the site won't take my card)
- brown boots.

The plaid shirt was 8.47 and you can view it here

I was kind of bummed because I had two other items picked out and I was told they were out of stock and I was redirected to another page on SammyDress where I was able to pick out these two cute items. Shipping was fast and I was alerted on my phone when the package would be delivered. That was really nice to have because I'm so impatient and always check tracking numbers. (Anyone else do that?)

Have you ever shopped SammyDress? What would you pair these two items with?

*These products were sent to me in the purpose of review. The thoughts stated above are my own.

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  1. Definitely checking out this website, I'm always on the hunt for cute, cheap clothes! Also, I am obsessed with checking my tracking numbers when I have a package coming so I know exactly what you're talking about, haha!

  2. They have so much to pick from too! It's a really awesome site. I'm also glad I'm not alone in that haha

  3. I love the casual outfit! So comfy!
    But wow that dress is on 10! Bargain!

  4. Thank you! I loved it too. I actually wore something similar today!
    I can't believe it either.


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