Wednesday, November 27, 2013

t h a n k f u l

// I'm thankful for my Grandma Wanda, who showed me the love of Christ + took me to church at a young age. If it wasn't for her, I may have never known Christ.

// I'm thankful for my big sister, her hubby + their beautiful daughter. I'm so thankful I have a big sister and brother in law who would do anything for me. I am the lady I am today because of them. Even if they get on my nerves most of the time ;)

// I'm thankful for the internet. The internet has a lot of neat things on it, but through the internet I have made some of my best friends in the world.

// I am thankful for this blog + the people who support me each and every day in my crazy journeys I decide to go on. Being able to have some place I can rant and rave and have people who "get it" means the world to me.

// I am thankful for the ability to use my hands. I know many people who would do anything to be able to grasp again.

// I am thankful for my kitty cat, Gregory. He is like a child but he never fails to put a smile on my face (even if he decided to tear up the whole roll of toilet paper.)

// I'm thankful for modern medicine + hope that one day there will be a "cure" for spinal cord injuries so I can ditch this chair and run with my nieces.

// .. but I am thankful for my wheelchair because I wouldn't get ANYWHERE without it.

// I'm thankful for music. Especially A Day To Remember + The Dangerous Summer- they keep me sane on the nights where I needed it most.

// I'm thankful for a warm bed and the awesome quilt my Grandma made me.

// I'm thankful for Mikal who put up with entirely too much of my sass.

// I'm thankful for Pinterest. It is totally making me exciting to get my own place.

// I'm thankful for being able to have a home where I am safe + warm.

// I'm thankful for...leggings. They are so cute + easy to put on.

// I am thankful for being able to talk to old friends.

// I am thankful for sweet tea. It's soo good.

// I am thankful for my iPhone (I mean- come on my whole life is on there)

// I am thankful for Project Walk + the opportunity I got to visit there.. I'm also thankful that God put some amazing kind hearted people in the same place I was because being alone in California was kind of scary.

What are you thankful for?

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  1. aw, you are such a kind soul! I'm thankful for my boyfriend's mom who is making it really easy to work together and get my boyfriend something special for Christmas when I can't afford it all on my own. Also for my friends :) and bloggy friends like you! haha.

  2. Thank you! That is awesome! I'm thankful for you miss!


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