Saturday, November 30, 2013

Home Decor: Easy Canvas Prints.

hanging pretty in my bathroom.

 I'm in the process of getting my own place. A lot has happening in my life recently (I will be posting about it sooner than later) and I think it's best for me to be in Illinois again. This means, I've been doing A LOT of searching for cute home decor ideas. (Yes, I'm THAT girl who plans out everything she wants in her house when she doesn't have the money for it NOR a house.)

Anyways, I was recently contacted by a sweet gal from Easy Canvas Prints and she offered me a free product for a review... so I agreed. I thought it would be PERFECT to have a cute canvas hanging in my new home. I love the look of canvas prints.

I'm a huge fan of words and so most of the wall art I want- is words. I decided I would make my OWN graphic to print on the canvas- so that's exactly what I did.

The website itself is pretty easy to use. I had some trouble getting the image to fit right on the canvas preview. The problem was that the wording was WRAPPING around the actual canvas but after a few tries- I actually got it to work.. or so I thought. When I received my canvas in the mail (super fast shipping + the canvas was totally protected) - I noticed the word SOUL was also wrapped around the back. The good thing is nobody will be able to see it when it hangs up.

Overall, I thought everything about the site was wonderful. I was pleased with how helpful and sweet the lady who contacted me was and I thought the site was pretty easy to use. Here is a coupon code  if you want to purchase from Easy Canvas Prints and make your walls pretty too!

What do you think about canvas art?

*I was sent this product for review HOWEVER that does not sway my thoughts on the product itself.

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  1. Super adorable! Love the graphic you made for this!

  2. I love the wording! Plus, I love the color scheme of the Maroon and Green! Pretty!

  3. I like the idea of canvas art!! Great blog!

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