Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Go To Makeup Products (Drugstore + Cruelty Free)

 I've been really lazy lately. (Notice how I've sucked it up as a blogger? Yeah, I've been that way about my whole life lately. ha) and because I'm mostly just going to therapy + the grocery store, I don't really feel the need to put on a full face of makeup. These are the products I've noticed myself using almost daily.

 Hard Candy Glamoflauge:
Let me just say: this is the best concealer I have EVER used. It's a drug store product + it's cruelty free, so I grabbed it and now I'm in love. It's a very heavy duty concealer so it works wonders for me. I totally recommend this for anyone looking for a great affordable product. I really like the Hard Candy brand.

Wet N Wild Coverall Pressed Powder:
I picked this up just because I wanted to try it out. I really like how this powder gives me a flawless look and it blends so well. 

 Nyx Blush in Angel:
I love Nyx products. This was sent in my Ipsy bag + has since been a favorite of mine. The color of this really gives me a look I love. 

Tarte Lights Camera Lashes:
This mascara is about empty for me. I wasn't ever head over heels in love with this mascara but it works for everyday use. If you want to see my full review of it, click here.

 Hard Candy Stroke of Gorgeous Felt Tip Eyeliner:
This isn't something I use every day but I like to wear some sort of eyeliner because I feel my eyes look silly without it. I really like the felt tip of this eyeliner and it makes doing my cat eyes a little easier but I still am terrible at them. If you have any tips on making them better, let me know.

 Elf Powder Brush:
This is seriously the best brush ever. It can be used for so many things + I use it daily for my powder + my blush. I love this brush + it's a steal. I think everyone should have it in their collection.  Mine obviously needs cleaned, don't judge me.

The only product above that isn't drugstore is the Tarte mascara but the rest are all drugstore products. I'm not really big on spending lots of money on high end makeup but I gave the Tarte a go.

What are you go to products? Have any tips for cat eyes for me? Leave 'em below!


  1. I also LOVE the glamoflauge concealer. It's so great and such a great price. Plus there's so much in there it lasts forever!

    I have that elf brush too and I use it daily for powder. Another favorite is the eco tools bamboo brushes...you'll love them!


  2. I just picked up that Wet and Wild compact when I was in Maryland. My only complaint with it is there is no mirror!

  3. I've wanted to try a felt tip eyeliner. I currently use Urban Decay's liquid liner and I love it, but it's a bit hard to use.

  4. I'm no cat-eye expert, despite doing it every single day, but here's my one and only tip: use scotch tape! I put a piece of tape from the corner of my eye where I want the bottom of the line to be, angled how I like it.

    I rarely use it anymore, but it sure helped me a lot when I was first starting and I still do it if I need to look somewhat nice.

    Elyse @ Cuddly as a Cactus

  5. My wings are almost always uneven right now. It just takes practice, I suppose, but the MUA at my wedding suggested making dots where you want the tips of your wings to make sure they're in similar places.

  6. i totally use that wet-n-wild powder! i believe it works well too! it's a great price as well!

    lindsey louise



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