Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Operation Smile

I used to hate my smile. I had buck teeth and I was missing two of my front teeth ( I still am missing these teeth.. I just wear a retainer now hehe). One thing I used to always hear was about everyone loved my smile and I would think "Yeah, okay. you have to say that because you feel bad." and I would NEVER smile in photos..ever. (Check my's proof). I remember always thinking "I wish I had braces. I wish I had a pretty smile.", I was so insecure about my smile.
I know my story of buck teeth + missing teeth isn't the same as what these kids have but I understand how much a change like that change make in your life. I feel so much more confident as a person now because I don't have buck teeth + I have a retainer with teeth so I'm not missing teeth anymore.  These kids get picked on and suffer health problems because of something they can't control. Operation Smile helps change that for these kids, Operations Smile gives these kids hope again. I think that's amazing. If you want to know more about Operation Smile, check out this page.
 Also Campus Book Rentals donates to Operation Smile each time a textbook is rented. They have many great options and choices for any college goer. I know some of you have already started school but for those of you who haven't yet, remember Campus Book Rentals for the next semester. Not only are you getting a good deal but you're also helping a great cause.

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