Monday, August 5, 2013

Music Monday:

Happy Monday everyone.

Today's playlist is just a few songs I've been listening to a lot lately or ones I've noticed myself really liking when they come on my Pandora station. If you have some songs/favorite bands I need to know about- comment below.

august sixth twenty 13 by sabrina dellinger on Grooveshark

I've noticed a lot of the Wonder Years on these playlists- and honestly I only listen to them when they come on Pandora. I have a little "The Wonder Years" station + it has such a good mix of music, probably my second favorite station (my first is Four Years Strong- such a perfect mix of music.) 

I also wanted to share one of my all time favorite bands- The Dangerous Summer. They're on tour now promoting a new record (that I'm pretty sure drops next week- but I could be wrong) and I just can't get over and how great this band is. I think I've said it before but they're one of the two bands that I listened to a lot (and still do) to help me deal with everything over the last year. It's so nice to hear songs + be able to relate and that's why I really love TDS. I highly recommend them if you're into the same genre of music as I am. They really helped me a lot.

Have a good day.


  1. I love all these songs! Also - angels and airwaves??? throwback? I love it!

  2. I was just listening to TWY when I read this. Don't Open the Fridge! is one of my favorites.


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