Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Coola Suncare: Orgnaic Suncare Collection First Impressions


Summer is here + if you're anything like me, you are on the hunt for something to protect your skin from the sun. I'm naturally REALLY pale and I never tan, just burn so sunscreen is something I need to keep me safe during the summer. When I received a Coola product in my Ipsy bag this month, I was so thrilled to see that they were cruelty free. I was then in contact with the company about reviewing their product for you guys.

Shipping + Customer Service:

I think it's very important for me to mention how easy to work with Coola is. I emailed them about reviewing their product & received a response almost immediately. Not only did I get to pick which product I wanted to review, but Samantha gave me the most popular items so I had somewhere to start. The shipping was SO FAST. I picked out my item on the 15th and today (the 17th) the product was at my doorstep. I think that's super impressive and I am very thankful for their staff being so sweet.


I was sent the sunscreen for review but I also want to mention the face moisturizer/sunscreen. The face sunscreen came in my Ipsy bag as a sample size. I have fallen IN LOVE with it. It came in unscented but it still has a very "summer-y" smell to me. I use it at night after I take off my makeup and in the morning before I put my makeup on. I have naturally dry skin and this seems to balance things out for me. I am almost out of the sample size and I am thinking of replacing my other (non cruelty free) moisturizer with the Coola brand. A full size is 36.00, which is a little more than I would want to pay normally.

The Pina Coloda Sunscreen Spray smells so amazing. That's one thing that I really love about this brand, both of these seem to smell so great to me. I also love that the sunscreen spray doesn't make me feel oily. Some sunscreens make my skin feel so oily after I apply it and I hate that feeling. The Coola Pina Coloda Sunscreen Spray does spray on kind of oily but it dries out, leaving my skin feeling just a tad bit dry but nothing I would worry about or that I am concerned with. For this review, I was sent a full size which is valued at 32.00. Again, this is a little more than I would want to pay for a sunscreen. I haven't used the product up yet so I can't say how long it actually lasts but the can feels pretty full. The website says that the Pina Coloda spray is a SPF 30 but the can I received says SPF 35.


I have just used the Sunscreen Spray a few times but I think this is a great product. The facial moisturizer is my favorite moisturizer. The only thing I see as a downfall is the prices but if the product lasts a long time, I think it would be worth it. These products are cruelty free & organic. The smells are great and overall I am happy with these products. 

You can view all the amazing things Coola has to offer by clicking here to view their website.

What is your favorite brand of sun-care products? Have you ever heard of Coola before? Let me know your thoughts below.

*The Pina Coloda Sunscreen Spray was sent to me for the purpose of review. The thoughts stated above are my own and I was not paid to have them. I really dig these products & that's why I want to share them with you all.

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