Friday, June 14, 2013

The DIY Lady | A Guest Post

Hello Lovely people over here at Cattails & Cardigans. My name is Lizzy also known as TheDIYLady and I am guest posting here today.
I am pretty excited to be on Sabrina's blog and I hope you all love the post I have for you today. 
Before I get into the post however, I'd like to say how proud of Sabrina I am, and how she inspires me on  the daily. Sabrina and I got to be Friends in an interesting manner and because we have something in common. We were both involved in a car accident that resulted in Spinal Cord Injury. My accident happened longer than hers did, and I have tried my best not to let the wheelchair I now use stop me from living my life. 
I was all smiles when Sabrina called the one year anniversary of her accident a celebration of life. THAT seriously brought a smile and hint of tears to my eyes because for someone to see what is a misfortune as an opportunity for better things to come is really amazing! 
I pray that your faith and strength never ceases Sabrina. :-) 

Alrightyyyy.. enough of the mushy mushy right? 
As a DIY Lady, one of the things I do for myself are my nails. My blog is a beauty blog and I also blog about my life on the wheelchair, but about 80% of my post are on my nails. So after thinking deeply on what to write for my post here, I chose to do a simple nail design with some nail studs. :-)
For this Look, I cleaned my nails with polish remover, so that I have a clean base to work with. Since I wanted to use a textured nail polish, I skipped using a base coat.
Textured nail polishes are the newest thing in the polish community right now, and my favorites are made by Zoya Nail Polish. 
The Polish I used for this Polish is called Dahlia by Zoya. 
I used 2 coats of Dahlia, and it dried pretty quickly. After the polish was completely dry, I brought out a clear polish, and applied it on the area where I wanted the studs. For my ring finger, I applied the clear polish as I went along because I didn't want it to dry before I applied all the studs. 
I dipped a dotting tool in a little bit of clear polish to pick up the studs and placed them on my nails ( in the area where the clear polish was). 
I hope this is understandable. lol.. If you don't have a dotting tool, a tooth pick or bobby pin will also work perfectly. 

Since I wanted to keep the textured look, I didn't apply a top coat to the nails. and Yes, that means my studs would fall off soon, but I didn't mind since I change my polish often anyway.
If I wanted the studs to last longer, I'd have use super glue to glue the studs on the polish instead of a clear polish. 
And that's it for now y'all. 
If you have any questions, I'll be back on this post to answer them. :-) 

Thanks again Sabrina for having me on your blog. 
Till Later Y'all.
God Bless. 


One think I love about Lizzy is her faith. It's  nice to find someone who is in the same boat as me and to have a similar outlook on life. I also want to throw it out there that Lizzy is trying to attend Project Walk so that she can walk again. If you want to donate (or find out more about Lizzy) you can view this link and help her out. Thanks Lizzy!

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