Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Spinal Cord Injury Update- 10 Months

It's been a while since I feel I had an actual update post about my progress + I feel like lately God has been sending so so many small blessings my way. It's amazing how much He loves me + how much He shows me it every day. I serve a wonderful God, really I do.

Last time I actually wrote an update on me, I had just been put on the Body Supported Treadmill + I knew it was a huge step for me. The second time getting up on the treadmill, I ended up passing out. After some tests, I just had a bad infection and my blood pressure medicine was causing my blood pressure to be low. My therapist didn't want to risk it- so he kept me off the treadmill. It really kind of pissed me off to be honest..He was holding out on me. I work with several therapist but have a main one who says what goes + he mentioned to my female therapist that he didn't want me standing until I got a stander at home + could stand 45 minutes on my own. Let me remind you that I've been going to this therapy center since January + I had proved to him that I could handle being up for 45+ minutes- I just had one bad day + I had been on medicine to get me feeling normal again. Also- we are having troubles with my insurance + it is going to take some time to figure out if they would pay for a stander for me. I can't just get a stander over night + I can't afford to pay for those out of pocket. Basically, it seemed he was punishing me because I didn't have a stander. Which is poop, big giant poop. Finally after feeling movement + seeing that I am able to control my hip muscles, he started putting me back on a tilt table so I could stand.

I have been able to control my hip + thigh muscles to a certain point and I was moving my whole left thigh at therapy the other day. When he finally got me back on the support of the treadmill (he didn't let me actually walk on it, he just let me hang in the air + try to move my legs) I showed him that I can handle being up and that I WANT to be up on the treadmill. It's the only thing I feel I do at therapy that is going to help me ever get anything back + I enjoy doing it. Today was the first day in like two weeks that he has put me on the treadmill + I was able to walk on my own. Yup- I was able to move my legs and "walk" using my hip muscles and what control I have over my hips. You wanna know what my therapist said? He said he was highly impressed + he wasn't sure I'd be able to handle it.. I proved him wrong. He keeps under estimating me and I keep showing him I CAN do things + that he needs to stop babying me. He always tried to hold me back + I am never going to get any where if he never lets me push myself to the fullest. I just love knowing that I am kicking butt and showing him that I can do this. He's said from the start that he doesn't think I'll ever walk again + that's just another thing I will have to prove him wrong on.

I've always noticed better color + circulation in my legs + feet. Typically, my legs are FREEZING cold. No matter what it feels like outside + they're always this dark purple color. Lately, they've had a slight purple tint to them + they've been feeling much warmer.. and the other day in the shower I was able to feel cold water on my feet. It's been ten months since I've felt that + it made me so happy to be able to feel that again. I've also had more control over my bladder (which is such a blessing to me. that was the hardest part for me to adjust too) All small things but things that mean a lot to me. Slowly but surely.

I've been standing at home, too. I have Mikal block my knees and he helps support me because my balance is still off. It may not be the safest way but it works so that I can get weight bearing throughout my legs.  I know I posted the below picture before but it's cute so here it is again-

God has been blessing me so much lately + giving me hope to keep going + pushing when I get down in the dumps. I am so hopeful that soon I will be able to walk again or at least go back to a "normal" life of a 20 year old. Thanks for all the prayers + support- it really means the world to me + is obviously helping me.

Thanks for reading.


  1. You are such and inspiration! I too, agree..We are serving such a wonderful God!

  2. That is so great! Good for you and nice job proving him wrong!


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