Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Paralyzed Diaries: Helping or Harassing?

This video is perfect. 

I am such a fan of the experiment done above. While I feel the actress was a bit extreme, she did show that people tend to want to help someone in a wheelchair. I understand it's human nature to want to help someone, I get that. However there's a fine line between HELPING me + ANNOYING me.

I have been in a wheelchair for 10 months now + I know my limits pretty well. I know what I feel comfortable doing + I know when to ask for help. I have always been a shy-ish person but I am not shy if I honestly needed help with something.  I hate when I'm just sitting there, looking at something on a shelf and someone says "need me to get that for you?" when It's RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME. I understand to the normal eye, I seem handicap but I don't let me injury stop me. I am 20 years old and I don't want to just let others do things for me because they're difficult or an inconvenience to me. If I don't push myself, how will I ever end up on my own? I won't. My goal is to be as independent as I can be- walking or not and I can't reach that if I let others do everything for me.

As far as the looks/ people walking up to me, I have gotten used to it. I'm used to people stopping me in public to ask me what's wrong or having people double glance at me in the store. I've even had people stare and wait to approach my mother (and my boyfriend) in the parking lots to make sure they were really handicap to be parking in the spot. I understand it's uncommon for a young person to be hurt, but I don't know what 20 year old would rather use a wheelchair than having working, walking legs. I'd honestly rather have people ask me what happen so I can tell my story, instead of just stare. I'm open about it + I don't mind questions- if they are not super personal. 

I don't know- I saw this video on Facebook and I wanted to share.

What is something people do that annoys you when they're really just trying to be helpful?



  1. Hey there :)
    I worked for a retail store (10 years ago) and as part of their training they showed a video teaching future employees how to approach handicapped customers. The video said NEVER push a wheelchair unless you are asked to do so and don't touch or force your help on anyone unless your are asked for it. To me that video was very educational since i have never dealt with a similar situation. I am sure many people don't know the proper etiquette, so it's good that you are talking about it. :)
    I think you are awesome btw!

    1. I think that is a great idea. I have worked in retail before and never had anything like that before.
      Thanks for reading and commenting.


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