Friday, April 19, 2013

5 reasons I'm ditching Facebook.

I had mentioned earlier this week on my personal Facebook that I was going to stop using it as much to post updates + other things. The news seemed to upset a few people because a lot of people ONLY have Facebook to get my updates on. There's a few reasons I have started to grow to really dislike Facebook and here are just a few.

001. All people do is complain: (like I'm doing now..bahah) Everyone goes to Facebook to complain, myself included. I would see peoples posts complaining about the smallest things ("why can't I just get a boyfriend? I'm so ugly..omg.") + just being super negative. It was rubbing off on me + I don't want to be anywhere near that party.

002. I'm sick of people + their stupid political/religious debates: With everything that has happened recently, my news feed had became the place to post all sorts of different conspiracy theories, religious slander and all types of nonsense. I see people just tearing about one another, hence reason number 001.

003. Game requests/Event Invites/ Spam: I mean- seriously over that crap. I do not want to be your neighbor in Farmville, let alone in Real Life..

004. "1 like = fifty children saved from world hungry.": Uhm, no. Liking a picture on Facebook isn't doing anything but clogging up my freakin' news feed with nonsense.

005. (Related to above) Pictures of abused animals/children: Right after the Boston Marathon bombings, people were posting memes making jokes about people who were injured + killed. I don't think it's funny + I don't want to see any of that.

Mostly I've noticed that people post the same things to Twitter + Instagram and I prefer those over Facebook any day. I can control who follows me + I can follow people I care to keep updated with. I like that I don't have to follow people who follow me and I feel like both of those sites are more secure than Facebook. I still keep my personal Facebook activated because I do still want to keep some people updated but I have erased the app from my iPhone and I hardly keep the tab open in my browser anymore. My facebook page for the blog will still be updated via bloglovin'..  I may eventually deactivate it, but right now isn't that time.

Does any social media site just bring you down? If so, what ones + why?

disclaimer: I understand I'm complaining about people complaining + I realize I'm probably guilty of a few of these things. I'm not saying I'm better than anyone, I'm just sharing why I dislike Facebook vs. other social media sites.


  1. I don't blame you. Lately my FB friends list has been nothing but drama and whining, which is so sad considering I'm nearly 30 years old and most of my friends are in their mid-20's or older. I don't deny that I get down occasionally and post sad statuses, but I don't use my FB to belittle others or start shit. It makes me question whether I really want to be friends with these people or not.

    1. I get down and I want to rant on there. I usually just type out big posts and erase them. Just to vent.. I wouldn't ever go and be rude to someone.

  2. I totally hear you on this, I have deactivated my facebook account more times than I can count. It is all just too much for me. I know people have problems, but let's not dwell on them. If you are using facebook you are probably a fairly priviliged individual. If feel like every time someone posts something negative on facebook they should have to do something good for the world in return like volunteer at an animal shelter for a week.



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