Monday, March 4, 2013

Fearless Plugs: Product Review

I have been looking for some cute new plugs to help me reach  my goal size + a few weeks ago, I was in contact with Fearless Plugs + decided to buy myself some. I really liked the cute and affordable plugs Jessica had listed in her Etsy shop, so I bought two new pairs.

Each pair that I bought was $13 and I was able to use a discount code to save me 15% (Valentines Special) so my total ended up being 25$ for two pairs with shipping. They are currently offering bundles of 3 plugs for 25$ with free shipping. (Offer valid until March 7, 2013)

I had emailed Jessica (the shop owner) and I really liked that she was fast at replying to me + she answered any questions I had for her and did so in a timely manner. I'm always replying to emails + it was something I really liked about working with Jessica. I had a little problem with how I paid for the plugs, instead of having the money taken out of my account right then, I paid with a Echeck which took days to clear. (which was my own fault, not Jessica/Fearless Plugs) Jessica kept me updated on the status of this check and had my plugs sent to me that next morning after the check cleared. She even sent a tracking number.

My plugs took about three days to get here and they came packaged in a cute pink envelope with business cards + a discount code. (I was really excited to get them, so I kind of opened them before I got pictures) Jessica sends a discount code to all customers + she has set up a customer appreciation program so after you purchase 10 pairs, you get the next pair for free. I think it's great that she does this because it makes me wanna come back as a customer.

Floral Cameo plugs in size 5/8

Overall, I love the plugs. I have yet to wear the Coral Rosy ones yet but will hopefully size up soon. I like that each pair comes with o-rings, too. The only thing that I noticed that I wasn't fond of was the fact that on my floral cameos you could see the glue. Jessica makes these plugs herself so if that's the only thing I didn't like, I think she's doing great.

My overall thoughts on Fearless Plugs:
  • Jessica is a great person to work with. She's fast at replying and answers all my questions.
  • Fearless Plugs has a cute selection of plugs for an affordable rate + even offers package deals.
  • The plugs came in fast and had cute packaging.
  • The plugs have good quality, though I didn't like that I could see the glue on one pair of plugs.
  •  I would recommend this company to my readers based on the experience I had with them

Fearless Plugs
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